Albanian development policy and CSO role in the EU accession perspectives

The occasional policy paper “Albanian development policy and CSO role in the EU accession perspectives: Building regional networks of CSOs for development” by Dr. Dorian Jano, discuss the current Albanian situation and possible best practices on dealing with international development and humanitarian aid in the light of opening EU accession

Handbook for Citizens: Accession of Albania to the European Union

The Handbook for Citizens is a joint effort of the researchers of EU Policy Hub, providing basic information for citizens on the process and the negotiating chapters that Albania will start with the European Union. Dr. Jano has contributed to the manual with the introduction and the conclusions. The publication


Albania submitted in April 2009 the official request for membership at the European Union. The info-graphics analyze the performance and preparation of Albania for 33 chapters according to the annual progress reports of the European Commission's from 2010 until the end of 2015. Based on the progress reports during 2010-2015, Albania

‘Latent’ Interest Groups Involvement in Coping with the Challenges of EU Accession: The Case of Albania

While powerful private interest groups such as banks and other financial institutions, industrial groups, media etc. dispose all the necessary resources and leverage for their involvement and representation in strategic reforms and EU accession process, a number of ‘neglected’ yet extremely important interest groups are facing great challenges with regard

EU – Western Balkans Relations: The Many EU Approaches

Abstract The paper reveals the European Union (EU) strategies and policies as applied into the Western Balkans (WBs). I follow a chronological-related analysis of the past, present and future approach of EU towards the WB region. In the first part of the paper I give a description as well as a