Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings Albania EU Integration benefits - “Integration we want” Dr. Jano joined the initiative of the EU Information Network Albania in the town hall meeting organized with civil society and local governments representatives, citizens, youth and media to discuss on the countries’ benefits of reforms in key EU integration areas. Dr. Jano explained the

Persistence of Political Polarization in the Balkans

Democratization of Political Processes and Overcoming Political-Ideological Polarization The ASPEN institute Germany and the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs June 14-17, 2016 | Durrës Dr. Jano had a talk on the second session "Radicalization and Political Polarization" about the Persistence of Political Polarization in the Balkans.

The national EU Club and Blog “Integration empowers Albania”

The EU Delegation to Albania's Information Network, in the framework of Europe Week activities, brought together journalists, scholars, students, historians and writers to discuss and exchange views about EU integration issues. The EU Integration Club aims to supporting the public debate concerning Albania's EU integration process, the opportunities and challenges