EU legislation and issues of approximation of legislation in candidate countries (graduate level)

The graduate course offers an overview of the process of approximation of national legislation with the EU acquis by the candidate and potential candidate countries. It analysis EU instruments, national capacities and the techniques of approximation of EU legislation. The course combine theoretical aspect of what Europeanization, compliance and implementation is with practical example of how approximation is and should be done by the candidate countries, Albania included. Lectures include the institutional design of the European Union (the main EU institutions, their composition and role) and explain how EU works today. They explain the development of the EU law and the division of power between EU and its member states. The focus will be on the relationship of EU institutions with candidate countries, in the framework of the Association and Stabilization process, as well as the Accession process.

During the course, we will improve EU stimulation, where students will act as members of different EU institutions, representatives of national governments of the member states and candidate countries, debating and deciding on an issue of the accession process, thus putting their knowledge into practice and trying to understand how the complex but effective way of EU negotiations works.

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