Romani Integration in Albania

Venue: Hall of the Faculty of Education Sciences, University Alexander Xhuvani, Elbasan


The first series of the public talks was held in Elbasan, at the Faculty of Education Science of ‘Aleksander Xhuvani’ University. The meeting was opened by Dr. Dorian Jano, Jean Monnet Chair, introducing the initiative. Dr. Imelda Sejdini, Deputy Rector of the University of Elbasan, and Mr. Gilles Bauwens, Deputy Head of Mission, welcomed the initiative and highlighted the importance of Romani integration in Albania.

Dr. Elizabeta Osmanaj, talked on the history of the Roma population and their efforts to integrate into society. Ms. Mirela Gjoni, representative of Women’s Forum, pulled in detail the work done by civil society organizations on Roma inclusion in various activities in the community.

Mr. Blendi Gremi, representative of Elbasan district, explained the work carried out in the framework of the technical group for drafting the strategy and action plan for improving the situation of the Roma population. Ms. Eva Nita, emphasized the importance on improving the lives of Roma population.

The student Ervis Çota, talked about the activities carried out by the Association of Roma movement, stressing the importance of education to his peers.

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