EU – Western Balkans Relations: The Many EU Approaches


The paper reveals the European Union (EU) strategies and policies as applied into the Western Balkans (WBs). I follow a chronological-related analysis of the past, present and future approach of EU towards the WB region. In the first part of the paper I give a description as well as a critical analysis of the past EU approaches. Then, in the second part I try to ‘frame’ what the future ‘model’ of EU enlargement approach will be, pointing at the ‘matters’ that mostly will influence this approach. This paper concludes by giving some remarks on how EU (enlargement) approach has to be conceived in the case of the WBs, arguing that enlargement in WBs is a question of when not if.

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The Journal of the International University Institute of European Studies 2(1): 143-160, special issue on “The Mediterranean Beyond Borders: Perspectives on Integration” B. V. Steenbergen (ed.).
Dorian Jano, (2008)