Elton Skendaj: International Oversight and the Making of Ethical Institutions in Kosovo

Venue: Marin Barleti University, Campus II, Aula 22 Dr. Elton Skendaj, lecturer in the department of political science at the University of Miami, held an open lecture to the postgraduate students of Marin Barleti University. Dr. Skendaj discussed on the role of international actors in building effective state bureaucracies and democratic

Eleni Sourani: Refugee crises in Europe and the situation in Greece

Venue: Marin Barleti University, A24 The ambassador of Greece in Albania, Mrs. Eleni Sourani gave an open lecture on the refugee crises in Europe and the situation in Greece. Her keynote speech was delivered during the opening ceremony of the Europe for Citizens’ project “Reinventing European Solidarity and Raising Tolerance”    

Hellmut Hoffmann: Germany and Albania. Perspectives on Common Issues

Venue: Marin Barleti University, A18   The ambassador of Germany in Albania, Mr. Hellmut Hoffmann gave a lecture about Germany and Albania in a comparative perspective as well as some general remarks on Albania’s EU integration process. Ambassador Hoffmann in his talk presented shortly the historical relationships among the two countries and the

Josip Juratovic: EU Integration as a driving force for the realization of domestic reforms

Venue: Marin Barleti University, A24 Mr. Josip Juratovic (SDP), Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Friendship relations with the countries of South - Eastern Europe and German Parliament gave an open lecture on EU integration as a driving force for the implementation of internal reforms. Mr. Juratovic in his speech clearly

Jean-Eric Paquet: Enlargement Policy and Challenges Ahead

Venue: Marin Barleti University, A23 Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, the Director for the Western Balkans at DG NEAR — Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations, European Commission, gave a talk on the current Enlargement policy and the challenges ahead the the Western Balkan countries has to face. In his speech, Mr. Paquet underlined the