EU legislation and issues of approximation of legislation in candidate countries (graduate level)

The graduate course offers an overview of the process of approximation of national legislation with the EU acquis by the candidate and potential candidate countries. It analysis EU instruments, national capacities and the techniques of approximation of EU legislation. The course combine theoretical aspect of what Europeanization, compliance and implementation

Public Administration and European Integration in Candidate Countries (graduate level)

The graduate course offers an overview of EU Executive Politics. The emphasis is put on the impact that the European Integration process has on the structures and functions of national governments and public administration of the member-states and candidate countries. The focus is both on the theoretical framework and the

IBE331 – European Integration of South-East Europe (undergraduate level)

The course focuses on the process of European integration of the Western Balkans. The lectures expose the European Union strategies and policies as applied into the Western Balkans following a chronological-related analysis of the past, present and future approach of EU towards the WB region, putting the emphasis on the